West Slope Guide is your guide to area businesses and valuable offers in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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West Slope Guide is mailed for free to three large mailing zones, reaching up to 36,000 homes on Colorado's Western Slope including the Grand Junction area and the Montrose to Ouray region. Each issue is filled with information about area businesses and valuable offers.

West Slope Guide’s tens of thousands of recipients would love to learn about your products and services. We’re already in their mailboxes. Our goal is to create promotions for you that will get them to take action!

Reach Beyond Your
Current Customer Base

Our three mailing zones make it easy for you to target either your local communities or reach out to neighboring areas. Whether it’s your goal to promote directly to homes within 5 miles of your business or—if you’re looking to expand your reach—homes as much as over 100 miles away, West Slope Guide is your best choice!

Convert more local residents into new regular customers.

Low Cost &
High Performance

Direct mail has been proven in countless studies to be one of the most effective ways to market your business. Now with over-saturated social media and digital marketing options, traditional printed methods have a stronger, more unique impact. However, its historically high cost and complicated nature have placed direct mail marketing out of reach for most business owners.

By sharing the costs of direct mail with dozens of other local businesses in West Slope Guide, you will be able to reap the benefits of direct mail promotions at a price less than 3¢ per home!

One West Slope.

Three Terrific Zones.

Select as many zones as you need to get your message out there. Each mailing zone targets 12,000 homes along the mail routes in that region with the highest average household income.

Whether you choose one mailing zone or all three, we’re thrilled you’ve chosen to partner with us to help you market your products and services!

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Family is #1. We're local through and through.

West Slope Guide is a publication of Table Mesa Design. We’re a husband and wife team (and sons) from Grand Junction who have been working to promote local businesses since 2014, and promoting businesses from Washington to Florida since 2008. We’ve called the Western Slope home since 2014, and the entirety of our process—from ad sales & design to mailer printing and production—is locally sourced.

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